Pan Fried Lobster Cakes with Baby Greens & Chipolte Aioli

President Theodore Roosevelt visited Cape Cod many times and in 1907 he visited Provincetown and laid the cornerstone for the Pilgrim Monument.  The Pilgrim Monument commemorates the first landing of the Pilgrims in the New World in November of 1620.  … Continue reading

Little Necks with Linguini

Cape Cod is known for its beautiful beaches and endless shorelines.   However, during Prohibition in the 1920’s, some of these beaches and inlets became more popular with bootleggers than tourists.  It became apparent to bootleggers seeking ways of bringing in … Continue reading

Mario’s Cape Cod Pasta

Mario Lanza (1/31/21-10/7/59) was often described as “the most famous tenor in the world”.  He spent summers in Centerville on Cape Cod.  His ‘Four Corners” mansion was diagonally across the street from the famous Four Seas Ice Cream shop.  In … Continue reading