Pork Tenderloin with Caramelized Onions and Maple Demi-Glaze

Although everyone is interested in the new restaurants popping up, there’s a reason that some restaurants are incredibly popular 28 years later.  The Captain Linnell House is one of the most popular restaurants on Cape Cod.   Chef Bill Conway … Continue reading

Oceania Cruise Lines’ Chef Kelly’s Eggplant Involtini Alla Parmigiana

Oceania Cruise Lines’ Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly sometimes makes her Eggplant Involtini Alla Parmigiana recipe without the meat on her “meatless Mondays,” and she loves the way the flavor of the smoky mozzarella comes through. Chef Kelly substitutes sautéed or … Continue reading

The Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern “Sparkling Wine Diinner” with Cape Cod Package Store

One of the delights of the holiday season is the annual Sparkling Wine Dinner at the Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern in Barnstable.  Chef Bob Calderone pulls out all the stops treating diners to his fabulous dishes while partner Susan Finegold … Continue reading

Oysters with Spinach and Pecorino Romano

The Oyster Flats have been open a month and the amateur shell fishers are delighted.  If you don’t have a shellfishing license, you can just stop by your local fish market and pick up a dozen of Cape Cod’s marvelous … Continue reading

Oceania’s Chef Kathryn Kelly’s Butternut Squash Soup

Oceania Cruise Lines has a wonderful cooking school at sea led by Executive Chef Kathryn Kelly.  Here is another great recipe from Oceania Cruise Lines’ Chef Kelly.  This recipe for Butternut Squash Soup is just in time for Thanksgiving Dinner. … Continue reading

Vegans for Thanksgiving?

This year a number of our Thanksgiving guests are vegans.  While we’re roasting the turkey and making a wonderful sausage stuffing, we want our friends to enjoy some really special dishes too.  Given a busy schedule, where do we get … Continue reading