A Caribbean Food Adventure

A Caribbean Food Adventure

Unbelievable as it may seem, this winter beautiful Cape Cod has been deluged by snow.  Normally we get a dusting and it’s gone in a day or two.  Not this year!  We’ve had 2 feet, 18 inches, one foot and it just doesn’t stop.  Restaurants that have never closed down for the winter before have shut their doors for 4 to 6 weeks and many lodgings shut down even longer.  We are so looking forward to spring.

Meanwhile everyone is taking off for as long as they can get away – to the sun and warm climes.  We’re off to Central America where it’s hot and sunny and where we’ll see what’s fresh in the markets and on the menus.  We’re taking our laptop with us so that we can share the foodie wonders of a few exotic places – and some not so exotic.  Come follow us!

The trip will be easy as it is onboard Oceania’s Riviera, home of the Culinary Center and of Master Chef Jacques Pepin overseeing the menu.  There will be culinary classes in French Bistro cooking and Asian Fusion and wine pairings with them.  And interesting food from the places we visit, much which is not familiar to American menus.  Let’s see what we find!

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