Art of Eating Lobster

Lobster is the King of Seafood and is considered a delicacy.  Many visitors to the Cape and Islands are having lobster for the first time.   Eating a whole lobster should  not be an  intimidating experience.  It should be one of the true pleasures in life.

After you have reviewed these important directions  and  mastered the art of eating lobster you should  immediately make reservations at  one of our outstanding restaurants (. and practice this new found skill by having a lobster dinner.

Let’s begin the tutorial.

The proper utensils when eating a steamed or boiled lobster: a nut cracker and a pick.


Twist the claws off the lobster.






Crack the claw with a nutcracker.




Separate the tailpiece from the body by arching the back until it cracks.

Open the body cracking it sideways. The body has a lot of meat in it.






Unhinge the back and you will find the "Tomalley" or Liver which turns green when boiled. The "Tomalley" is considered a delicacy by many foodies.









Bend back and break flippers off tailpiece.










Insert pick where the flippers broke off and push.

The small flippers are excellent tasting. You suck the meat out of them.













Did we mention that you also need some melted butter to dip the lobster meat in.

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