Singapore’s IndoChine Restaurant

IndoChine is one of the best restaurants in Singapore.  The menu reflects a fusion of Indochinese and Western cooking.  Not only does the cuisine soar to gastronomical heights but so does the restaurant. IndoChine is located in Singapore’s magnificent Gardens by the Bay on top of one of the man-made trees in the Gardens. The trees measure between 80 and 165 feet tall. These iconic tree-like vertical gardens are designed with large canopies that provide shade in the day and come alive with an exhilarating display of light and sound at night.  Here is a photo sampling of some IndoChine delights.

45 day grain fed lemongrass lamb rack & truffle dressed potato beignets.






Khmer style seafood trio: sea scallops, red snapper filet & tiger prawns drizzled with tamarind dressing & white sesame finish.



Vietnamese spring rolls – crab meat & greens in rice paper served with peanut butter mango dip.





Vietnamese fresh rice paper rolls with Tiger Prawns.



Fantasia -White lemongrass cream cheese, poached Australian pear, black caramel, fruits, roasted pine nuts with ginger biscuits paired with premium vanilla ice cream & sugar gingerman.








IndoChine’s ambience can seen in the restaurant’s decor.

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