Another Steamy Day in Havana

Let us introduce to you to Guarapo, a refreshing drink made famous by Ernest Hemingway.  Walking to his home on a hot and steamy day, a glass of this favorite beverage was always waiting.

Ernest Hemingway's Home






Ernest Hemingway’s Havana residence (Finca Vigia) is located at the top of a hill with a magnificent of view of Havana.  This home is where he wrote The Old Man and the Sea.Hemingway’s favorite refresher is made from pressing sugar cane to extract the juice which is exceptionally sweet, even sweeter than orange juice.  The sugar cane juice ferments quickly so the cane is usually extracted and then the drink is mixed quickly.  To make Hemingway’s drink, you combine pineapple juice, lemon, and the sugar cane juice (available online).  Hemingway also liked a little kick so a shot of rum was added.  You can also add a little lime juice to make the drink milder.









Extracting the juice from the sugar cane.

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