Oceania’s Surf & Turf Burger

Some days you just feel like having a burger – but what if you want something special, something different?  It’s no wonder that Oceania Cruises is awarded “Best Food at Sea” each year.  On their ships, they have a casual bar for burgers, hot dogs and salads.  Our favorite is the “Surf and Turf” burger, a combination of filet mignon and lobster tail.

Here’s how it’s made.  Grill a small filet and a lobster tail and put them on a toasted ciabatta roll.  Add slices of fresh tomato and lettuce (a thin slice of red onion is optional).  Mayo seasoned with sriracha adds just the right touch.  On the side, you want truffle fries, thick potato slices fried or baked with truffle oil and seasoned with some crystallized sea salt.  Maybe you want to add some gravy for dipping.

Oh my, just thinking about this burger makes us drool.  If there’s someone you want to impress with ‘just a burger’, this is the one that will do it.  Bon appetit.


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