Provincetown’s Portuguese Pork and Clams

When the first Portuguese fishermen arrived in Provincetown in the 19th century, they not only brought their skills as fishermen but they also brought their delicious Portuguese cooking.  One of these delicious recipes was Carne de Porco à Alentejana.  Carne … Continue reading

Cienfuego’s Botanical Garden

In the Cuban city of Cienfuego, there is a fabulous Botanical Garden with breathtaking flowers and magnificent trees.  In 1899 Harvard University began a relationship with these gardens and, with a large endowment in 1924, the Harvard Biological Laboratory was … Continue reading

Franck’s Paella Valenciana

The Spanish influence from language to architecture is found everywhere in Cuba. But Spain’s influence on Cuban life cannot be more apparent than in Cuban cooking.  Oceania’s Cruise Line’s Culinary Director, Executive Chef Franck Garanger, lived in Valencia, Spain where … Continue reading

Let’s Eat Cuban

If those Mojitos made you hungry, it’s time to enjoy a buffet of Cuban delicacies.  Let’s start with a roasted suckling pig (Cochinillo Asado Con Majo Criollo) from Executive Chef Ronald Smith and his fabulous team on Oceania Cruise Lines. … Continue reading