Chef Kitty Morse’s Roasted Brussels Sprouts Appetizer

Our friend, Chef Kitty Morse is always looking for something unusual to serve to surprise her guests.  After visiting a restaurant in San Diego she discovered her new favorite appetizer, Roasted Brussels Sprouts.  The restaurant  Happy Hour featured these addictive … Continue reading

Vegans for Thanksgiving?

This year a number of our Thanksgiving guests are vegans.  While we’re roasting the turkey and making a wonderful sausage stuffing, we want our friends to enjoy some really special dishes too.  Given a busy schedule, where do we get … Continue reading

Nutty Granola Bars and Brussels Sprouts Snacks

Two treats this week as Chef Alan Zox gets ready for            Halloween.  If you really don’t want to treat the little (and big) goblins with tons of  sugar, try making some of these Granola Bars.  And the Brussels sprouts mix … Continue reading