A Mango Salad Recipe from Oceania Chef Arnaud Bonnefoy

                  Oceania’s Executive Pastry Chef Arnaud Bonnefoy is usually very busy creating exotic pastries.  However he sometimes shares a cooking demonstration with Senior Executive Chef Gjoka.  Here is a recipe for a … Continue reading

Tahitian Marinated Fresh Fish

Meet Oceania Cruise Lines Senior Executive Chef Alban Gjoka.  Alban comes from Ebrusco of Franciacorta, the most famous area in the lake of D’Iseo known for its wine, olive oil and the most traditional food in all of Lombardia, Italy. … Continue reading

Belize Chicken with Rice and Beans

The National cuisine of Belize is a combination of Caribbean, Creole and Spanish influences.  Here are two of Belize’s most traditional recipes.                                           Belize Chicken with Rice and Beans Belize Chicken Serves 4-6 Ingredients … Continue reading