Crab Imperial

Food historians believe that this recipe originated in Colonial Chesapeake Bay.  During the 18th century, Colonialist faced flour shortages resulting in extraordinary prices for flour.  Colonialists who served recipes which included flour in the sauce were considered to be part … Continue reading

Kitty’s Salmorejo (Cold Moroccan Soup)

Food historians believe that Roman soldiers made the first known cold soup with bread as the principle ingredient. The Roman soldiers prepared their cold soup by using a stone mortar and then added bread, garlic and vinegar to the stone … Continue reading

Chef Kitty Morse’s Egg Briks

                                                                                  Photo by Romula Yanes This delicious recipe is from “The Vegetarian Table: North Africa” by Kitty Morse. This recipe is for a deep-fried filo turnover originating in Tunisia. It is a quick and easy summer dinner.  Egg Briks … Continue reading