Blueberry Pancakes for Dinner

Pancakes for dinner?  Absolutely, especially if the recipe comes from Dianne and Doug Langeland, the editor and publisher of Edible Cape Cod.  Dianne and Doug are dedicated to promoting the farmers, fishermen, chefs and all who understand the wonderful bounty … Continue reading

Lobster Pad Thai

This fabulous entree was shared with us by Chef Noelle Barille of Oceania Cruise Lines at our Red Ginger cooking class.                                                       Lobster Pad Thai (Serves 2) If pasta is your comfort food, this noodle dish is easy to make … Continue reading

Watermelon & Duck Confit Salad

                                            Watermelon & Duck Confit Salad This salad has become one of the true favorites of Oceania’s Red Ginger restaurant and Chef Instructor Noelle Barille’s directions made this so easy. Duck confit can be purchased at … Continue reading

Pomelo Banh Trang Rolls

Another cooking class today with Oceania Cruise Line’s Chef Instructor Noelle Barille at the Culinary Center onboard Oceania’s Riviera. Today we are making  Pomelo Banh Trang Rolls. Pomelo  Banh Trang Rolls rolls are a lot of fun to make – … Continue reading

Belize Chicken with Rice and Beans

The National cuisine of Belize is a combination of Caribbean, Creole and Spanish influences.  Here are two of Belize’s most traditional recipes.                                           Belize Chicken with Rice and Beans Belize Chicken Serves 4-6 Ingredients … Continue reading

Lunch in Honduras

Well, we missed the green market and the fish market but found some interesting staples…vanilla, beans, rice and lots of hot sauce.                                                             Baleadas is a staple in the country of Honduras served to Honduran families … Continue reading

A Cooking Class in Cozumel

When a recipe is easy and tastes divine, we have a winner!  How about some Caramelized Plantains with a Chocolate Tequila Sauce…. Ingredients:  (serves 4) Plantains – 2 large pieces 1 oz. cinnamon 1.8 oz. butter 3.5 oz. granulated sugar … Continue reading