Lunch at Sydney’s Fish Market & a Recipe

Time for lunch at the Sydney Fish Market…oysters were smaller and briny but delicious; shrimp were sweet.  The fish was similar to cod. No one touched the fries – why would you?       And then it was time … Continue reading

Moreton Bay Bugs and other Sea Creatures at the Sydney Fish Market

These pacific crabs were huge – and we’re sure they are quite delicious. Although in Australian dollars (1.34 AUS=1 USD), the price of most seafood was high.  How about the lobster at $129.99 (or about $96 US).       … Continue reading

Rock Lobsters and Octopus at the Sydney Fish Market

Check out these Western Australia Rock Lobsters.  These lobsters are different from the ones we have on Cape Cod -  Western Australian Lobsters are spiny,  have no claws,  have a harder shell and have very large antenna. And here the … Continue reading