A Turkey Feast for a Returning Nantucket Whaling Captain

There are many stories of Nantucket ship Captains wives waiting for their husbands return from hunting whales.  Some whaling ship Captains were away from their wives and children for as long as five years or more.  The Captains’ wives would … Continue reading

Irish Stew for St. Patrick’s Day

Over the centuries, Ireland’s fate  has depended on an Irish mother’s Irish Stew.  Whether sinner or saint, that is to say Irish politician or prelate, he or she can thank this hardy recipe for their health and successes and of … Continue reading

Cape Cod Bouley

In the book “Sand in their Shoes” by Edith & Frank Shay, Cape Cod restaurants were compared to restaurants in France serving Bouillabaisse.  The French restaurants served Bouillabaisse with the heads of  fish staring up at you from the bowl.  … Continue reading