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Food and Travel has been our lives.  We both worked for the airlines when we were very young and still in school; in fact that’s where we met.  The airlines were different from today; if you were an employee, you could fly for free or for very little money (space available) and, if you were dressed properly, you usually got to sit in First Class because that’s where they had available seats (and there was no such thing as airline miles upgrades).  You were always fed, even in coach.  The First Class menus, especially on international flights, were impressive, created by prominent chefs and accompanied by fine wines and served with real china and silver.  When you arrived at your destination, you could stay in great hotels, because they all offered airline discounts.  The hotels knew that airline employees were always asked for recommendations on where to stay.  So we have literally traveled the world, visiting all of the continents except Antarctica.  Our home is now Cape Cod which we consider the most beautiful place on earth.  We could live on fish and shellfish and all the wonderful local produce.  We ultimately bought Capecodrestaurants.com, Capecodhotelsandmotels.com and Capecodlodgings.com so that we could share with the world all the wonderful restaurants, hotels, motels and inns that Cape Cod has to offer.  We don’t work with the cookie-cutter properties you can find anywhere – our sites introduce you to all the wonderful independently owned and operated restaurants and lodgings that are the real Cape Cod.  Come and enjoy with us.

6 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Hi Mary Lynn and Kevin! Finally got aroudn to looking up your web site and it soudns liek so much fun! Hope to see you soon!

    xo. Helen

  2. We lived on Cape until one year ago (today to be exact) and miss it every day. Just now saw your blog and with it, the restaurants and recipes that we so miss, along with the serenity and beauty that IS Cape Cod. I couldn’t have picked a better day/date to find you. Thank you!

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